Have you ever listened to one of our speakers, or visited our website, and had a renewed sense of hope when you were done?  If so, we are accomplishing what we've set out to do.


We never dreamed our YouTube channel or our site would become so popular, and for that we are very humbled and grateful.  One of the biggest gifts in our recovery is to be able to give back to the fellowships that have saved our lives!  


Even at the group level of any recovery fellowship, it takes money for a meeting to survive. Our channel and website are no different.  Since we started, we've paid out of our own pockets for our website, web hosting, storage, etc.  We've also volunteered hundreds of hours of our time aquiring, remastering, rendering, and uploading the speakers you hear on our channel.  And, we will continue to do so, because we are dedicated to serving you.


However, if you would like to help us out with some of these expenses, we would be eternally grateful.  Whether it's a buck one time, a buck a month, or even a little more, your donation will make a difference!  If you can't donate at this time, can you help us share this page or our YouTube channel with a friend?  


Thank you so much for being a part of our recovery, and remember, we do recover!!