When we started We Do Recover, we never dreamed we would have the opportunity to share the message of recovery with so many great people!  We have made a lot of friends along the way, and they happen to have the same mission that we do, to further the message of recovery.  Another mission of ours is to offer you the best recovery resources all in one place.  Below are a list of links that are definitely worth checking out.  If you don't have time now, please bookmark this page, and come back to it later.  You'll be glad you did!


AASpeaker.com is a site with specialized alcoholics anonymous playlists from our YouTube channel and more! 


Recovery Radio Scotland is a radio station based on helping people recreate their lives, and go from being trapped in the grip of addiction to living their lives drug and alcohol free. We aim to have talk based shows with live interaction & live music from recovered addicts within in surrounding city's, town's, and communities.


Take 12 Recovery Radio with Monty Meyer aka the Monty'man. The world's only 12 Step Focused Faith Based Recovery Radio Station broadcasting a unique recovery radio show every day of the week and recovery and positive Music 24/7. Interviews with 12 Steppers, Treatment Providers, Authors, Recording Artist in Recovery, Recovery Musicians, Celebrities and more. Recovery Workshops, Shows taped on location at recovery events around the world. Free downloads, Recovery Comedy Shows, Recovery Cartoons, Contest, Recovery Videos and an incredible line-up of recovery broadcasters all at www.Take12Radio.com

Recoverun is a couch-to-5K-style training program for people in addiction recovery, integrating mindfulness practice into distance running. This free program has been developed to challenge, inspire, and motivate athletes at all levels, giving participants a healthy, proactive tool for channeling recovery.


Oak Creek Wellness is a production company that is committed to making inspirational, life-changing content that makes a difference.


Live Your Dreams Life Coaching is about gentle guidance with inspired motivation to finding your full potential!


Guttah Life is a cutting edge drugs and alcohol recovery magazine working hard to show the fun and funky side of being clean and sober.

Real Sobriety is a site created by a man of many talents named Robert McClellan.  Robert McClellan is a talented writer, editor, and new media expert. He combines a lifetime of creative dexterity into a contemporary skill set that seamlessly compliments Jill’s efforts.
An early adopter of Internet communication tools, Robert has a number of professional podcasts and blogs to his credit. He also wrote, produced, and appears in the award-winning documentary films “Real Sobriety” and “Ben’s Vortex.” He is the producer and co-creator of the environmental call to action, the “We Are Water Project.” His first book Boom Baby Boom is available on Amazon.
Robert’s views of the world demand that we give each other room to live free, yet take care of those among us who are unable to do so for themselves. Robert’s unique social perspective was formed on the working class streets of Philadelphia, where sometimes, the most effective charitable act was a good punch in the nose...  To find out more about Robert, his podcast, and other projects just click the link above.